“I set out to get some advice on how to generate more leads and increase visibility on my website. These were my major concerns.  Martha arranged a session with me and was able to address; networking, lead generation, promoting my profile and best practices.  I was very satisfied with her consultation and recommend anyone who is starting a business or wanting to do more business to use her services.  Thank you Martha!”
-Venita Jassey, Cultural Care Au Pair Representative


“Martha is amazing.  The insights and wealth of practical information she provides on her show is pure gold.  It’s like getting an MBA the street smart way.”
-Byron Davis, the “Live Your Epic Life” Coach


“Being interviewed by Martha A. Sanchez on her show “Mommy to Mogul” was a joy.  The conversational style allowed me to get my message out in a clear and concise way.  In fact, one of my clients mentioned that was the best show she heard on my topic…”
-Maurice DiMino, Your Million Dollar Message Expert


“I had the pleasure to be guest on Martha Sanchez’s “Mommy to Mogul Radio Show“…  Martha made it so easy for me to share my SEO knowledge and expertise with her listeners, and educate entrepreneurs how to maximize their online efforts through search engine optimization.  All her questions were 100% focused toward the needs and questions of her listeners…”
-Dagmar Gatell, SEO Expert


“I truly enjoy listening weekly to the “Mommy to Mogul Radio Show” with Martha A. Sanchez.  The show is always one of the highlights of my week for inspiration.  I love how Martha always gracefully and powerfully conducts such an awesome broadcast that flows with motivation. …”
-Alicia Waters, Spiritual Multiplicity Pioneer, Coach & Author


“…It was my pleasure to be able to share with your audience and you were such a fantastic host!  You ask insightful questions that caused me to discover some new things too!  Your insights and contribution to the discussion made it one of my favorite interviews of all time!  And, the exposure on your show brought new people into my world.  Thanks again!”
-Nancy Matthews, “The Visionary with Guts!” & Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN)


“…Martha had done excellent preliminary PR for the show, so our fans and our families were ready and waiting for our interview with Martha.  Well-prepared and insightful, Martha guided the hour-conversation with humor, insight and a clarity that was refreshing and more than professional.”
– Robin Korth, Publisher, Author, Speaker & Creator of Insights On Aging


“Martha is truly insightful and helpful when working with small business owners and entrepreneurs.  She understands what is needed to grow a business in a holistic manner and this is a valuable vision that not all consultant/coaches possess.  Martha has great results, is personable, and has high integrity.”
-Karina Boncristiano, Executive & Organizational Coach, & Founder of NGT Partners Group


“Worked with Martha and she has always been the consummate professional who combines her dynamic personality with a positive attitude and tremendous work ethic and energy.  It’s always a pleasure to work with her.”
– Karen Buchsbaum, Consultant, FJB & Associates


“Martha Sanchez is one amazing woman.  I have enjoyed working with her as a nurse colleague, educator, and community activist.”
– Debbie Nogueras, Senior Researcher, University of Miami


“ ‘M.A.S’ always means doing ‘more’ to help others.”
– Steve Marcus, President & CEO, of The Health Foundation of South Florida


“Cannot say enough about the invaluable contributions that Martha has made unselfishly on behalf of the elders in Miami-Dade County.”
– Commendation from Mayor of Miami-Dade County and County Commissioners