How to Be A Radio Show Guest



If You Want To Know How To Be A Radio Show Guest on the
Mommy to Mogul Radio Show…

Mommy to Mogul Radio Show

Here is how…

If you provide resources to grow businesses
or help entrepreneurs … then you may be a good fit! 

    How would you like to … 

√  Gaining access to a larger audience.
√  Having a 50 minute interview showcasing your expertise playing forever.
√  Having 12-months worth of marketing. 
By being a guest on the Mommy to Mogul Radio Show, will get all this and more!
Gain Expert Status through a professionally done recorded 50 minute interview.  You will be able to provide your clients with a copy of the interview or divide the audio into 4 separate segments that they can listen to at their convenience.
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Be part of an exclusive group of guests who are chosen based on their expertise and business building strategies which include:  Armand Morin, the Internet Strategist and Marketing Authority; Eric Lofholm, International Sales Trainer;  Larry Broughton, CEO of Broughton Hotels & Award-Winning Entrepreneur featured expert on MSNBC; and Sharon Lechter, credited as the genius behind the Rich Dad brand and currently partnered with the Napoleon Hill Foundation on various projects including “Think and Grow Rich for Women.”

Are you ready to WOW your market?

Valued at over $3500…  now available to you for ONLY $600, you can create credibility,
increase your visibility and generate more leads.
Don’t wait guest spots get filled up quickly.
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See what past guests say!


 “I had the pleasure of being a guest on Mommy to Mogul Radio Show with host, Martha A Sanchez.  I was so pleased with the outcome of the show that it has become part of my permanent marketing strategy.  Martha is organized, prepared and enthusiastic about my topic, generously showing me as an expert.  Her format allowed me to have four segments that each work as a stand-alone interview, perfect for use on my website.  And the huge bonus is, with Martha’s professional use of social media, our show hit the top of the Google searches!”

-Teresa Maron
The “Learn To” Queen


“Being interviewed by Martha A. Sanchez on her show “Mommy to Mogul” was a joy. The conversational style allowed me to get my message out in a clear and concise way. In fact, one of my clients mentioned that was the best show she heard on my topic.  Thank you Martha for bringing out the ‘Million Dollar Message’ in me.”
Maurice DiMino
-Maurice DiMino
Your Million Dollar Message Expert


“Being on Martha’s show (“Mommy to Mogul Radio Show“) was a wonderful experience.  She’s a skilled interviewer and has a very informative show that any mom or grand-mom can surely benefit from. Thanks for doing what you do Martha…you’re Awesome!
Raven The Talk Show Maven
Raven the Talk Show Maven
Queen of Internet Radio Conversion


“I had the pleasure to be guest on Martha Sanchez’s “Mommy to Mogul Radio Show“…  Martha made it so easy for me to share my SEO knowledge and expertise with her listeners, and educate entrepreneurs how to maximize their online efforts through search engine optimization.  All her questions were 100% focused toward the needs and questions of her listeners … Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your fantastic educational radio show, Martha”
Dagmar Gatell
-Dagmar Gatell
SEO Expert