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Just like many other women entrepreneurs, I am constantly looking to grow my business while still being there for my family. As a result, I look for ways to streamline and improve my marketing and sales on an ongoing basis.

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I help entrepreneurs and businesses
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Below are comments from just two of my satisfied clients.

“I set out to get some advice on how to generate more leads and increase visibility on my website. These were my major concerns. Martha arranged a session with me and was able to address; networking, lead generation, promoting my profile and best practices. I was very satisfied with her consultation and recommend anyone who is starting a business or wanting to do more business to use her services. Thank you Martha!”

Venita Jassey,
Cultural Care Au Pair Representative

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“I was in the beginning stage of developing my business. With her help, I was able to get much of the infrastructure (website, bank account, business plan, etc) established. She has become a member of my Energy Team on Google Circles. So, she is as close as a click of my mouse when I need her.”

Judy Lower,
Creator of Via Concierge


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Martha A. Sanchez

Martha A. Sanchez, Business Coach

Martha Sanchez is the creator, executive producer and host of Know The Radio Show and the Mommy to Mogul Radio Show™ – Empowering Women to Build a Successful Business.

She received the Women in Ecommerce™ Golden Mouse Internet Radio Leader Award for her work in internet radio.  Martha is a business consultant and coach, speaker, radio personality, best selling author and CEO focused on providing business owners with resources to thrive in today’s marketplace.

Martha A. Sanchez presents... Mommy to Mogul Radio ShowSome of the business experts that have been featured on the Mommy to Mogul Show are:

  • Amand Morin
    Internet Strategist and Marketing Authority
  • Eric Lofholm
    International Master Sales Trainer
  • Larry Broughton
    CEO of Broughton Hotels & Award-Winning Entrepreneur featured expert on MSNBC
  • Sharon Lechter
    Genius behind the Rich Dad brand & partnered with the Napoleon Hill Foundation on projects including “Think and Grow Rich for Women.”

As a veteran communicator and educator, Martha is successful in providing valuable seminars to audience of several hundred, as well as smaller groups for more personalized attention… [read more]